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Is Social Rejection the Key to Creativity?

All my life I have been different. I did not fit in the Black world and I certainly did not fit in the white world being black. I have had to cope with loneliness often and depression at times. This curse appears to run in my family. My husband is the same way. However, in my older age, I have finally learned to cope. My children are still learning to deal with their gifts that have made them so different. The thing is- no one wants to be different especially when they are young. We must teach our children to embrace their differences. Unfortunately, this is impossible! This lesson they must learn for themselves. As parents, we must sit in the stands of their lives and watch them learn and pray they do. Thus, I agree with this blog. I no longer care I am not accepted. I made myself happy and strive toward those who help me fill the emptiness that comes along from time to time. I am still here.😌

Cody Delistraty

On the psychology of why rejection and loneliness may be necessary evils for the creative genius

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