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Did It Stink?

I had a six grade class this week. They were learning different types of speech and writing-like sequence, cause & effect and description. I was using an example to explain each concept. I told them my kitty defecated in the bathtub. I asked if they could come up with some causes the kitty did that? … Continue reading

You know you are old when…

I was filling out job applications on-line. I ran into the question, “What year did you graduate high school.” Then, there was a sliding-scale of dates starting with 2015 and backwards to choose from. I patiently ran the cursor down the list trying to get my year. Then, suddenly the list stopped at 1980. It … Continue reading

And Now We Wait!

The death of a relationship between two childhood sweetheart athletes who go to college on full athletic scholarships. Upon breaking up in college, the girl gets pregnant alleging he is the father. Continue reading