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Get up! Move you feet Don’t lie there and eat Don’t accept defeat T’aint no one said life would be a treat Certainly lying there won’t make you feel complete So you feel like you are sitting in the hot seat Tis no reason to lie on that bed as just a piece of meat. … Continue reading

If I Sneeze…

Was going to wear my African Kente cloth coat. It went with my outfit today. Then I remembered that I couldn’t wear it because written on the back in large, bold letters, was the word “Africa “. This meant if I sneezed (or something), I could be thrown into jail for being black, and wearing … Continue reading

It Is Stupid Really!

It is stupid really-I am lying here warm in my bed in an almost silent room. All that can be heard is the soft, steady breathing of my husband sleeping next to me. I should be pleased because at this exact moment-all is well; or is it? I feel so helpless inside and alone. Like … Continue reading

Things Change And Still Remain The Same

My son is a black male. He is tall, handsome, smart and a quarterback. Girls from every walk of life have fallen all over him in hopes of telling him their precious secrets that he will fall madly in love with them. His first real girlfriend went to a neighboring high school. They dated all … Continue reading

Here Today. Gone Tomorrow

I am a teacher. There is not an avenue of teaching I have not experienced. I have taught in all types of schools on-line and brick and mortar. I have been asked what kind of school do I think offers the best education? My answer is: the school where your child learns best. There is … Continue reading

The Fear Of God

I admit I have a terrible time overcoming fear. Nothing scares me more than having something happen to my children. No matter how old they get, when something happens to one of them, the chill of fear raises from the bottom of my spine and travels rapidly everywhere in my body. The hair on my … Continue reading

I Hate Talented People

A mother misjudges her daughter’s friend. He causes her to see through her own mistake to appreciate who he truly was. Continue reading

A Bad Decision For The Right Reason

My son had a football game Saturday three hours away from us.  I woke up early on Saturday. I rolled over and looked at my husband sleeping peacefully.  I checked my watch. It was now or never, I thought. I gently woke my husband. Looking out of the window I said,“You know dear, you may … Continue reading

My Soul Bleeds From Disappointments

Today, I felt like a weird creature. Because I got the chance again to be a teacher. I am sitting on this bleacher, feeling like I failed the class to be a student teacher.  Time stopped long enough for me to get to my knees and kneel.  I asked God, “This really could not be … Continue reading


You are too old So I am told Like I am going to mold When I get old I need to be consoled My life feels plugged up like a gigantic head cold. I think I should be treated more like gold. Instead, I am tossed away on the forgotten dirt road I sit on … Continue reading