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A Teacher With No Class

Those people that know me know I come from a long line of teachers.  My grandmother was a teacher in the one room schoolhouse for colored children in Georgia.  She taught every little negro child in the area.  She knew them all.  She was your typical negro parent- loving but hard on her kids.  She … Continue reading

A Bird In The Bush

It is no secret that I love to garden. I do both vegetable and flower gardens. Ever since I was a small child I wanted to watch things grow.  As a city girl this was a dream. But once I got married, I grew things. It started out by planting in our small patio off … Continue reading

The Pitts

Spunky, tiny, outspoken, athletic, and extremely independent, my beautiful daughter loves animals more than people. Nonetheless, most people love her once she allows them to know her. I love how bold she is with who she is. Always makes a statement. With her long, jet black twists blowing in the wind whenever she drives, she … Continue reading

Lazy Days of Summer-going, going, gone

In May, I had so many expectations of what my summer would be like.  I was going to have a bigger garden front and back.  I was going to finish my book. I was going to lose a whole lot of weight. I was gonna, I was gonna, I did not do.  My garden was … Continue reading

Birthday Wishes

Today is my birthday. Just another day really. I always try to use this day to think about me-my life. Am I living it to the best of my ability? This birthday is different. Different in how I see the day and myself. So much has occurred to me this year, that it has changed … Continue reading