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First Thanksgiving Almost Alone

Today is Thanksgiving and my family is spread all over the world😒. One in Mexico. One in China. Several in Georgia. Some in Michigan. A few in Arizona and Ohio. They get on my damn nerves! We do not get along longer than three and a half minutes. That is not an exaggeration! We verbally … Continue reading

When I was three-almost four…

When I woke up mommie said we were in Georgia. I remember (where ever we were), there was nothing but trees. I got out of the car. Mommy took my small hand and held it tight. There were a lot of people here-at least to a three year old. Then it started. I tried to … Continue reading


I have been a teacher for almost twenty-five years. I have taught in some really strange places. I have taught on every level in teaching there is. I have taught high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, in colleges and at a university. Today I taught in preschool. After teaching today, I came home and cried. … Continue reading

Under center no more

Yesterday, began a new chapter in my life as well as a new one in our family. My son, the quarterback, played his last college game. I did not cry- surprise to me! There we were the culmination of almost twenty years of attending to my son and his football needs: The endless practices, the … Continue reading

The Trumpet Sounded

My brother: At school day there was an assembly for Veteran’s day. At the end of the singing and the speech, two girls played the Taps. I had a flashback to our father’s funeral at his grave sight. The taps were played then. There were only four of us there that day. You were unable … Continue reading

Begging For Opportunities

Returning from her son’s college football game, a mother meets a homeless woman who inspires her with the hope needed to try to help her son achieve a personal dream. Continue reading

Football’s Twelfth Man On The Field

I had an experience Saturday where I reacted before I could think to respond. My son is a quarterback. I have been watching him play football and other sports all of his life. I swear he was running and throwing a ball in utero. I have never been afraid. This weekend all that changed. He … Continue reading


I try to abide by this quote. Sometimes it works. Other times-I fail miserably! Hard Work… “Make a pact with yourself today to not be defined by your past. Sometimes the greatest thing to come out of all your hard work isn’t what you get for it, but what you become for it. Shake things … Continue reading

What My Failure Has Taught My Children

An excellent teacher who is a disgrace to her family because she is not considered successful because she cannot find a job. Continue reading