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Go Figure!

My husband, my daughter and I were watching the super bowl game this evening with iOS from the iPad on a huge screen. The screen went out somewhere in the third quarter. I mean blank screen! Nothing- no sound. No picture! We sat there thinking. With our luck, this would be the greatest game in … Continue reading

Finding Myself

Okay, I’ve discovered that I have no life without my kids who are all grown. I have no real job because no one wants to hire a fifty something, Master degree teacher with over twenty years experience. I have no where I have to go. I have very little money of my own from my … Continue reading

Strike? Ball? Foul? What? Shit!

One would think that at my age I would know all about me.  This is so far from the truth.  Today was a prime example of pure confusion. I was too busy to be lost and too confused to know that I was lost.  I discovered I am not too old to feel like a … Continue reading

Under center no more

Yesterday, began a new chapter in my life as well as a new one in our family. My son, the quarterback, played his last college game. I did not cry- surprise to me! There we were the culmination of almost twenty years of attending to my son and his football needs: The endless practices, the … Continue reading

Begging For Opportunities

Returning from her son’s college football game, a mother meets a homeless woman who inspires her with the hope needed to try to help her son achieve a personal dream. Continue reading

Football’s Twelfth Man On The Field

I had an experience Saturday where I reacted before I could think to respond. My son is a quarterback. I have been watching him play football and other sports all of his life. I swear he was running and throwing a ball in utero. I have never been afraid. This weekend all that changed. He … Continue reading


Get up! Move you feet Don’t lie there and eat Don’t accept defeat T’aint no one said life would be a treat Certainly lying there won’t make you feel complete So you feel like you are sitting in the hot seat Tis no reason to lie on that bed as just a piece of meat. … Continue reading

The beginnings of A Quarterback

A young son wanted to be the starting quarterback for the high school team his father coached for. His father was not sure that dream could be a reality. Continue reading