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Would I be different

Would I be different if I had a full-time job? I could buy whatever I desired. Pay any bill. Have a car that I knew would start every time I got in it. I can help my children with tuition. I could help them with things they needed and some of what was wanted.  I … Continue reading

Discrimination accepted?

The climate of prejudice in this country, especially in Stark County,has risen well beyond expected or projected. Trump’s acquiescence of racism,nepotism, sexism and other “isms”, has made it permissible to act on prejudices. “The Don (Trump)” does this behavior thinking such actions are acceptable because he is running for the President of The United States … Continue reading

You know you are old when…

I was filling out job applications on-line. I ran into the question, “What year did you graduate high school.” Then, there was a sliding-scale of dates starting with 2015 and backwards to choose from. I patiently ran the cursor down the list trying to get my year. Then, suddenly the list stopped at 1980. It … Continue reading

An Act Of Bravery

I simply said, “No. I can’t do that.” That simple statement opened me up to a barrage of abuse that continued for months. I taught for an on-line K-12 public school. My job was to supervise students by visiting them in their homes. I checked on their progress with their school work. I supervised almost … Continue reading

Begging For Opportunities

Returning from her son’s college football game, a mother meets a homeless woman who inspires her with the hope needed to try to help her son achieve a personal dream. Continue reading

What My Failure Has Taught My Children

An excellent teacher who is a disgrace to her family because she is not considered successful because she cannot find a job. Continue reading

If I Sneeze…

Was going to wear my African Kente cloth coat. It went with my outfit today. Then I remembered that I couldn’t wear it because written on the back in large, bold letters, was the word “Africa “. This meant if I sneezed (or something), I could be thrown into jail for being black, and wearing … Continue reading

I Hate Talented People

A mother misjudges her daughter’s friend. He causes her to see through her own mistake to appreciate who he truly was. Continue reading