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The beginnings of A Quarterback

A young son wanted to be the starting quarterback for the high school team his father coached for. His father was not sure that dream could be a reality. Continue reading


Stop bugging me!

Today was another unplanned off day.  Oh, joy. Well, I could not stay in bed all day or I just could not live with myself.  So, what will I do?  To answer this question, I decided to take my iPad into my study. I knew something would pop up there that could make me feel … Continue reading

What? What? What you say?

My mother-in-law lives with us. She is eighty-six years young. Born prior to the 1930’s in the deep south, she sees life differently. She stands about five feet four. She walks with a cane rather quickly even though she is hunched over like the character Yoda in Star Wars. She is a dark skinned, highly … Continue reading

Tuesdays morning Blues

Today I woke up before my alarm sounded to get ready to substitute teach.  I am a teacher by trade, but I am not currently teaching. My husband is a teacher.  He teaches everyday. We have three children in college. I have a Master’s degree. We are struggling just to keep our home. Yet, I … Continue reading