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Tomorrow Arrives

I am blessed! I had two of my three children graduate from college this past weekend. The third is already working at a job she loves with a huge corporation. This incredible weekend of the celebrations of their successes,  reminded me of the joys I am thankful for.

My husband and I chose to live in a State where we knew no one upon arrival. He got a job here. I married him. Those who know us understand just how difficult living here has been. Our family’s roots are in a city hours from where we are now in another State. We started a family and had three children: two girls and one boy. We commuted back and forth to see mom. And life continued to be good, hard-but good. Then, Mom got cancer. Some years later-she died. Life ceased to be good any longer. Mom was the rock in our lives. We all felt an undescribable pain that as of yet has not gone away. I felt I was alone in the world with few to help. She was our only connection to our once happy home life and childhood. My brother and sister had abandoned us for the joys of what money could bring. They took whatever credit they could steal for the last moments of bliss mom enjoyed in her final years on earth; although, they were seldom present. My sister moved out of the country four months before mom died. She same back the night before her funeral.

But I did not fight with my siblings. I promised mom I would try to get along with them. I was too distraught-broken up inside. My children were crying everyday with her loss. I took my children home to their grandmother’s home, where they had spent the better part of their young lives-only to discover my sister and brother tore the house up without notiflying me. I was the executor of her estate. Her life was thrown all over the floor like trash. The very things my babies knew she cherished. Our children walked into their grandmother’s home warm as it always was, to find the house ripped apart. They were traumatize. We have never been back since. That was over ten years ago. Our children are grown now. They lost contact with their uncle and aunts since mom died. Mom would have been devastated with the death of her family unit. But I discovered one person does not or cannot make a family. Terrible! My heart was broken. How could siblings treat each other as we were treated? I was ashamed. Then I got over it and began to raised my family the way mom would have wanted me to do so.

But! God is great. Truly it takes a whole village to raise a child. My three children have had their difficulties; yet, God provided strong people who gave of their wisdom, leadership and love every step of our journey. They have helped us create a family here. For that, once again, I am humbled for their gifts of love. And it help being married to an amazing man. That in itself was also a challenge.

There has been many who have helped us through the good times, bad times, sad times, disagreements and disappointments and never once turned their backs on us. I have tried to reciprocate. Much has changed in our lives. We are thankful those who love had so much courage to do that. All three children are off and running their lives quite well now. We are so proud. There are things we are working on as a family to do better. Our life together is all about the journey-not the arrival time or the past avenues travelled. Life is the adventures spent with friends who have made themselves family. Thank God.

I am filled with gratitude for all the needed help while we were trying to raise a family without our a family to help. We learned to live in this place we call home despite the tribulations and still enjoy good times. Most of all, thanks for lending us your talents and love to get our children where they are today. This was a great weekend with family🎓❤️✨and friends.



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