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$8.75 per hour

In my next existence, I want to appreciated. Perhaps I am that now, but I do not recognise the existence of that appreciation. I work practically everyday in someone’s classroom for peanuts. I make $8.75 an hour babysitting students. That is about $75.00 a day.   I am called a substitute teacher.  I have a … Continue reading

But of course…

I have to write something this eve!  The last eve and day of 2016.  I am afraid to say that I am glad this year will soon be over. I never want to wish time to move faster.  Who knows what trials next year will hold.  This year has been exasperating.  Still, no real job … Continue reading

Coping with The Unfathomable  

Living in small towns has its advantages. The main advantage is that the towns people are able to pretend naïveté to much of what happens in the real world. However, as with all parts of life, reality affects everyone-even in small towns or especially in small towns. This past weekend, our small town was punched … Continue reading

January is not my month!

January is the first month of the new year. Not my favorite month 😩. To start January, I am a teacher so vacation ends😱. Back to school in the cold. But worst, it is the month FASFA nightmares.  FASFA selects randomly certain people to be verified each year.  So tell me why my family get … Continue reading

Not my favorite person BUT!

My mother in law is not my favorite person, but I admire her fortitude and her philosophy on life.  She is 87 years old.  Never gives up on what she wants and has no fear on asking anyone for anything.  She is a little old, highly religious, darkskined, lady with false teeth, huge feet and … Continue reading

I Need

My self-esteem has taken a huge punch in the face. The worst part is, there’s nothing I can do to redeem myself from me.  Everything I’ve tried and everything I’ve attempted to do-has failed miserably.  I do not know how to help me anymore. So I have decided to give up trying and just be … Continue reading

An Act Of Bravery

I simply said, “No. I can’t do that.” That simple statement opened me up to a barrage of abuse that continued for months. I taught for an on-line K-12 public school. My job was to supervise students by visiting them in their homes. I checked on their progress with their school work. I supervised almost … Continue reading

First Thanksgiving Almost Alone

Today is Thanksgiving and my family is spread all over the world😒. One in Mexico. One in China. Several in Georgia. Some in Michigan. A few in Arizona and Ohio. They get on my damn nerves! We do not get along longer than three and a half minutes. That is not an exaggeration! We verbally … Continue reading


I have been a teacher for almost twenty-five years. I have taught in some really strange places. I have taught on every level in teaching there is. I have taught high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, in colleges and at a university. Today I taught in preschool. After teaching today, I came home and cried. … Continue reading

Begging For Opportunities

Returning from her son’s college football game, a mother meets a homeless woman who inspires her with the hope needed to try to help her son achieve a personal dream. Continue reading