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Get up! Move you feet Don’t lie there and eat Don’t accept defeat T’aint no one said life would be a treat Certainly lying there won’t make you feel complete So you feel like you are sitting in the hot seat Tis no reason to lie on that bed as just a piece of meat. … Continue reading

My Soul Bleeds From Disappointments

Today, I felt like a weird creature. Because I got the chance again to be a teacher. I am sitting on this bleacher, feeling like I failed the class to be a student teacher.  Time stopped long enough for me to get to my knees and kneel.  I asked God, “This really could not be … Continue reading


You are too old So I am told Like I am going to mold When I get old I need to be consoled My life feels plugged up like a gigantic head cold. I think I should be treated more like gold. Instead, I am tossed away on the forgotten dirt road I sit on … Continue reading