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Saying so long good friend

My daughter’s dog is dying. She is mostly gray-not jet any longer like she use to be. She falls up the stairs and down now. She sleeps most of the time. I pick her up. I can’t feel her weight any longer. Her eyes are almost gray with cataracts.  She thinks before she does anything … Continue reading

Reflections of life later

I thought I was something. I thought I was suppose to be someone. I thought life was going to be anything but this.  What my daughter did to me opened up my world to what reality is. I was better off just ignoring it I thought. Can’t do that any longer.  My aim  is to … Continue reading

Something is wrong

Something is wrong with my life. I thought that by time I got to be in the decade that I’m in, life would be better than it is. I am tired of watching other people live their lives and I’m in the stands of my life watching then live. I’ve had a career.  I am married … Continue reading

 Living the Dream?

Now that I am almost old and decrepit, I am spending more time critiquing my life. I ask myself, what parts of my life would I change? Honestly, the only part of my life I am truly dissatisfied about-is my career. What career? I have never had a career. I have had jobs. I have … Continue reading

Coping with The Unfathomable  

Living in small towns has its advantages. The main advantage is that the towns people are able to pretend naïveté to much of what happens in the real world. However, as with all parts of life, reality affects everyone-even in small towns or especially in small towns. This past weekend, our small town was punched … Continue reading

Lazy Days of Summer-going, going, gone

In May, I had so many expectations of what my summer would be like.  I was going to have a bigger garden front and back.  I was going to finish my book. I was going to lose a whole lot of weight. I was gonna, I was gonna, I did not do.  My garden was … Continue reading

Go Figure

It is almost the end of another school year. For teachers this is a time of great reflection. For me, this time of the year is always sad. I am a teacher without a home. I just see another year gone by without me being able to do what I love best. Still, I will … Continue reading

My New year

Today is a day of reflection for me. I look over the year I have just lived and remember those who are not here to share it with me. I do not regret anything that I have done. For contrary to what most people think, I carefully ponder what I’m going to do before I … Continue reading

Inability To Effectively Pray

Perhaps the reason things do not happen as I would like is because I do not pray effectively to achieve my goals. Of course, I do not believe I am not suppose to accomplish what I desire. I feel my soul is trapped lacking an escape. I pray, but it appears my prayers fall on … Continue reading

First Thanksgiving Almost Alone

Today is Thanksgiving and my family is spread all over the world😒. One in Mexico. One in China. Several in Georgia. Some in Michigan. A few in Arizona and Ohio. They get on my damn nerves! We do not get along longer than three and a half minutes. That is not an exaggeration! We verbally … Continue reading