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Sit, Squat Or line?

There are certain topics that polite people do not talk about, but often think and question. One such topic, do I sit, squat or line the toilet seat in public? Whether one admits it or not-everyone has to pee or (God forbid) poop in a public facility.  This occurs much too often to me. I … Continue reading

Bad Teacher!

As a teachers’ teacher, I know how a good teacher should teach. After all, it is my job to teach teachers how to teach.  Well…a young Detroit teacher friend of mine I have watched and often give advice, was scolding her students for picking on each other. When all of a sudden a student yelled … Continue reading

January is not my month!

January is the first month of the new year. Not my favorite month 😩. To start January, I am a teacher so vacation ends😱. Back to school in the cold. But worst, it is the month FASFA nightmares.  FASFA selects randomly certain people to be verified each year.  So tell me why my family get … Continue reading