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Go Figure!

My husband, my daughter and I were watching the super bowl game this evening with iOS from the iPad on a huge screen. The screen went out somewhere in the third quarter. I mean blank screen! Nothing- no sound. No picture! We sat there thinking. With our luck, this would be the greatest game in … Continue reading

And Now We Wait!

The death of a relationship between two childhood sweetheart athletes who go to college on full athletic scholarships. Upon breaking up in college, the girl gets pregnant alleging he is the father. Continue reading

Under center no more

Yesterday, began a new chapter in my life as well as a new one in our family. My son, the quarterback, played his last college game. I did not cry- surprise to me! There we were the culmination of almost twenty years of attending to my son and his football needs: The endless practices, the … Continue reading

Begging For Opportunities

Returning from her son’s college football game, a mother meets a homeless woman who inspires her with the hope needed to try to help her son achieve a personal dream. Continue reading

Football’s Twelfth Man On The Field

I had an experience Saturday where I reacted before I could think to respond. My son is a quarterback. I have been watching him play football and other sports all of his life. I swear he was running and throwing a ball in utero. I have never been afraid. This weekend all that changed. He … Continue reading


Get up! Move you feet Don’t lie there and eat Don’t accept defeat T’aint no one said life would be a treat Certainly lying there won’t make you feel complete So you feel like you are sitting in the hot seat Tis no reason to lie on that bed as just a piece of meat. … Continue reading

A Bad Decision For The Right Reason

My son had a football game Saturday three hours away from us.  I woke up early on Saturday. I rolled over and looked at my husband sleeping peacefully.  I checked my watch. It was now or never, I thought. I gently woke my husband. Looking out of the window I said,“You know dear, you may … Continue reading

The beginnings of A Quarterback

A young son wanted to be the starting quarterback for the high school team his father coached for. His father was not sure that dream could be a reality. Continue reading