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What Is In A Name

If my name is Islamic sounding and I have brown skin, does that mean I am going to jail if I made something I am proud of? Ahmed Mohamed made a clock. He is 14 years old.  He got arrested, taken out of the school in handcuffs, questioned without an attorney or his parents. Why? … Continue reading

Did It Stink?

I had a six grade class this week. They were learning different types of speech and writing-like sequence, cause & effect and description. I was using an example to explain each concept. I told them my kitty defecated in the bathtub. I asked if they could come up with some causes the kitty did that? … Continue reading

Off Center

I was subbing yesterday in a classroom full of high school freshmen. At the end of class, minutes before the bell was to ring, I noticed several girls against the wall with their shirts hiked above their belly buttons. I strolled over there slowly as not to cause addition attention from others in the classroom … Continue reading

An Act Of Bravery

I simply said, “No. I can’t do that.” That simple statement opened me up to a barrage of abuse that continued for months. I taught for an on-line K-12 public school. My job was to supervise students by visiting them in their homes. I checked on their progress with their school work. I supervised almost … Continue reading

When I was three-almost four…

When I woke up mommie said we were in Georgia. I remember (where ever we were), there was nothing but trees. I got out of the car. Mommy took my small hand and held it tight. There were a lot of people here-at least to a three year old. Then it started. I tried to … Continue reading


Get up! Move you feet Don’t lie there and eat Don’t accept defeat T’aint no one said life would be a treat Certainly lying there won’t make you feel complete So you feel like you are sitting in the hot seat Tis no reason to lie on that bed as just a piece of meat. … Continue reading

I Hate Talented People

A mother misjudges her daughter’s friend. He causes her to see through her own mistake to appreciate who he truly was. Continue reading

The beginnings of A Quarterback

A young son wanted to be the starting quarterback for the high school team his father coached for. His father was not sure that dream could be a reality. Continue reading