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Just Trying To Eek Out A Living

If you are a regular reader of my words, then you know I am a non-retired, unemployed teacher.  Still, I have to eat and pay bills; therefore, I must work somewhere.  As a direct result, I work at any job that I can find that will hire me.  “Hire me” is the key phrase.  The … Continue reading

Not my favorite person BUT!

My mother in law is not my favorite person, but I admire her fortitude and her philosophy on life.  She is 87 years old.  Never gives up on what she wants and has no fear on asking anyone for anything.  She is a little old, highly religious, darkskined, lady with false teeth, huge feet and … Continue reading

Wishful thoughts

Today is November 1, 2015.  There is nothing special about today that I remember off hand.  No one I know was born on this day.  No one I know died on this day.  Nothing effecting happened on this day.  Thus, this day has nothing significant for or about me; yet, it is a new day, … Continue reading