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 Living the Dream?

Now that I am almost old and decrepit, I am spending more time critiquing my life. I ask myself, what parts of my life would I change? Honestly, the only part of my life I am truly dissatisfied about-is my career. What career? I have never had a career. I have had jobs. I have … Continue reading

You know you are old when…

I was filling out job applications on-line. I ran into the question, “What year did you graduate high school.” Then, there was a sliding-scale of dates starting with 2015 and backwards to choose from. I patiently ran the cursor down the list trying to get my year. Then, suddenly the list stopped at 1980. It … Continue reading

When I was three-almost four…

When I woke up mommie said we were in Georgia. I remember (where ever we were), there was nothing but trees. I got out of the car. Mommy took my small hand and held it tight. There were a lot of people here-at least to a three year old. Then it started. I tried to … Continue reading

What My Failure Has Taught My Children

An excellent teacher who is a disgrace to her family because she is not considered successful because she cannot find a job. Continue reading

A Bad Decision For The Right Reason

My son had a football game Saturday three hours away from us.  I woke up early on Saturday. I rolled over and looked at my husband sleeping peacefully.  I checked my watch. It was now or never, I thought. I gently woke my husband. Looking out of the window I said,“You know dear, you may … Continue reading