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$8.75 per hour

In my next existence, I want to appreciated. Perhaps I am that now, but I do not recognise the existence of that appreciation. I work practically everyday in someone’s classroom for peanuts. I make $8.75 an hour babysitting students. That is about $75.00 a day.   I am called a substitute teacher.  I have a … Continue reading

Where to from here?

If you read my last blog “But of Course”, then you’ll understand how absolutely devastated I was by what my daughter did to me: How do I get up again after being so distraught? I’m overwhelmed! I have no idea how to heal from the brokenheartedness I feel bursting from my heart.   I have … Continue reading

But of course…

I have to write something this eve!  The last eve and day of 2016.  I am afraid to say that I am glad this year will soon be over. I never want to wish time to move faster.  Who knows what trials next year will hold.  This year has been exasperating.  Still, no real job … Continue reading

Discrimination accepted?

The climate of prejudice in this country, especially in Stark County,has risen well beyond expected or projected. Trump’s acquiescence of racism,nepotism, sexism and other “isms”, has made it permissible to act on prejudices. “The Don (Trump)” does this behavior thinking such actions are acceptable because he is running for the President of The United States … Continue reading

Coping with The Unfathomable  

Living in small towns has its advantages. The main advantage is that the towns people are able to pretend naïveté to much of what happens in the real world. However, as with all parts of life, reality affects everyone-even in small towns or especially in small towns. This past weekend, our small town was punched … Continue reading

Wishful thoughts

Today is November 1, 2015.  There is nothing special about today that I remember off hand.  No one I know was born on this day.  No one I know died on this day.  Nothing effecting happened on this day.  Thus, this day has nothing significant for or about me; yet, it is a new day, … Continue reading

Racism At Its Worst

I am a flaming liberal. I was born in a big city. I went to public school until fourth grade,then my mother put me in a Society of Friends school. I graduated from that high school. Thus, I am a black urban, female, Quaker who went to private schools all my life. I have a … Continue reading

A Teacher With No Class

Those people that know me know I come from a long line of teachers.  My grandmother was a teacher in the one room schoolhouse for colored children in Georgia.  She taught every little negro child in the area.  She knew them all.  She was your typical negro parent- loving but hard on her kids.  She … Continue reading

I Need

My self-esteem has taken a huge punch in the face. The worst part is, there’s nothing I can do to redeem myself from me.  Everything I’ve tried and everything I’ve attempted to do-has failed miserably.  I do not know how to help me anymore. So I have decided to give up trying and just be … Continue reading

And Now We Wait!

The death of a relationship between two childhood sweetheart athletes who go to college on full athletic scholarships. Upon breaking up in college, the girl gets pregnant alleging he is the father. Continue reading