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Go Figure

It is almost the end of another school year. For teachers this is a time of great reflection. For me, this time of the year is always sad. I am a teacher without a home. I just see another year gone by without me being able to do what I love best. Still, I will always be a teacher in my heart.As I look back, I remember this year as being one of destitution; yet, I am not destitute. Do not need much money to live from day to day. Do not need new things-except food of course. Below are a few lessons I learned while coping with an extreme lack of money and happiness.

  1. No heat: We have a furnace- but could not afford the monthly amount to get oil. Do not need furnace heat when a wood burner will suffice.
    1. Use plenty of rugs
    2. At night, use quilts-lots of them and have a husband who generates heat.
  2. Bake often: Good food, especially chocolate, allows people to forget they are cold. Serve plenty of hot liquids.
  3. Call people you love often
  4. Look out of the window frequently especially in bad weather.
    1. This teaches you to be glad you are inside.
    2. When it is nice, go outside-, which will make you, appreciate the inside. Laugh a lot.
  5. Get Netflix’s or Hulu: Both allow you to watch television without paying a lot of money.
  1. Practice a lobby
    1. Then make money doing it.
  1. Learn something new you always wanted to do.
  1. Stay off the scale can cause depression.
  1. Go visit people and do something nice for them.
  1. Have a cell phone you really like:
    1. It is a luxury that allows you to keep track of those you love. I suffer to pay to keep my phone because this is how I keep track of my children. It rings all the time.
    2. Call an old friend and talk forever
  2. Write a letter to someone you remember from back when. Then mail it snail mail.
    1. Feels great when they write back
  3. Go on Pinterest: Look for what catches your eyes.
    1. Try something new
  4. Most importantly: do something you always wanted to do with your loved one he or she does not expect.I suggested an evening of watching porn movies with my husband. Turned out to be great fun. Opened the floodgates of discussion and … well-deserved fun:)
    •  I started this year afraid of what it would bring. I had no job and no money. I learned that bad things will still happen no matter how much I pray. Nonetheless, I could not afford to dwell on those times if I wanted to enjoy the good times brought my way. I tried to spend more time concentrating on the good moments. Such as, I have two children who will graduate next month from college. I have another child who just got a full time position at a major corporation with benefits while going to college. I am staying busy not just with my talents, but using those talents on demand for others. I am mostly happy now.  I can say this has been a miserable, difficult year! Fortunately, I have gained greatly from the lessons I have acquired. I learned to use them to survive and flourish in these trying times!  It is a choice to be depressed and sad; a choice the person living the experience can voluntary change.  I choose to change.


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