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Been Meaning Too…

I have been meaning to do so much in my life, but never get around to it.  Now life has caught up to me.  I am in my sixth decade now.  I have three grown children and two small grandchildren.  I have not adjusted to being almost old yet. The biggest disappointment in my life … Continue reading


Think I have lost my sense of humor. ☹️

Reflections of life later

I thought I was something. I thought I was suppose to be someone. I thought life was going to be anything but this.  What my daughter did to me opened up my world to what reality is. I was better off just ignoring it I thought. Can’t do that any longer.  My aim  is to … Continue reading

Careful What You Wish For

The world we live in has produced many great leaders; however, the same world has also produced Stalin, Hitler and many others who said they would make their country better.   American has elected a new President. The world is laughing.  America has put into office a person who has never held public office. He … Continue reading

Discrimination accepted?

The climate of prejudice in this country, especially in Stark County,has risen well beyond expected or projected. Trump’s acquiescence of racism,nepotism, sexism and other “isms”, has made it permissible to act on prejudices. “The Don (Trump)” does this behavior thinking such actions are acceptable because he is running for the President of The United States … Continue reading

 Living the Dream?

Now that I am almost old and decrepit, I am spending more time critiquing my life. I ask myself, what parts of my life would I change? Honestly, the only part of my life I am truly dissatisfied about-is my career. What career? I have never had a career. I have had jobs. I have … Continue reading

Coping with The Unfathomable  

Living in small towns has its advantages. The main advantage is that the towns people are able to pretend naïveté to much of what happens in the real world. However, as with all parts of life, reality affects everyone-even in small towns or especially in small towns. This past weekend, our small town was punched … Continue reading

Overwhelming Sadness

My friend started a new blog today. Her first post hurt my heart.  She wishes she had brothers and sisters.  Me too! Except I have three.  Here is what I wrote in response to her blog: I have three siblings two of whom I grew up with. We were very close in those days. Today … Continue reading

The Loss of Family!

The Fourth of July is a wonderful family day unlike any holiday. It is all about having fun, feast and family. I do not remember a time growing up when the Fourth of July was not a great time in my family. Mom always made it great! She loved holidays. To her it was a … Continue reading

Bad Teacher!

As a teachers’ teacher, I know how a good teacher should teach. After all, it is my job to teach teachers how to teach.  Well…a young Detroit teacher friend of mine I have watched and often give advice, was scolding her students for picking on each other. When all of a sudden a student yelled … Continue reading