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$8.75 per hour

In my next existence, I want to appreciated. Perhaps I am that now, but I do not recognise the existence of that appreciation. I work practically everyday in someone’s classroom for peanuts. I make $8.75 an hour babysitting students. That is about $75.00 a day.   I am called a substitute teacher.  I have a … Continue reading

What Is In A Name

If my name is Islamic sounding and I have brown skin, does that mean I am going to jail if I made something I am proud of? Ahmed Mohamed made a clock. He is 14 years old.  He got arrested, taken out of the school in handcuffs, questioned without an attorney or his parents. Why? … Continue reading

Racism At Its Worst

I am a flaming liberal. I was born in a big city. I went to public school until fourth grade,then my mother put me in a Society of Friends school. I graduated from that high school. Thus, I am a black urban, female, Quaker who went to private schools all my life. I have a … Continue reading

Did It Stink?

I had a six grade class this week. They were learning different types of speech and writing-like sequence, cause & effect and description. I was using an example to explain each concept. I told them my kitty defecated in the bathtub. I asked if they could come up with some causes the kitty did that? … Continue reading

Off Center

I was subbing yesterday in a classroom full of high school freshmen. At the end of class, minutes before the bell was to ring, I noticed several girls against the wall with their shirts hiked above their belly buttons. I strolled over there slowly as not to cause addition attention from others in the classroom … Continue reading

Why substitute? It don’t pay!

There is no secret that I ain’t got no job and my prospects of finding one is bleak. I sub for other teachers who have a job. I make about sixty dollars a day after taxes. Pitiful absolutely. Doesn’t even day the bills. What the hell? Went out bought a few things and changed my … Continue reading

An Act Of Bravery

I simply said, “No. I can’t do that.” That simple statement opened me up to a barrage of abuse that continued for months. I taught for an on-line K-12 public school. My job was to supervise students by visiting them in their homes. I checked on their progress with their school work. I supervised almost … Continue reading

The Trumpet Sounded

My brother: At school day there was an assembly for Veteran’s day. At the end of the singing and the speech, two girls played the Taps. I had a flashback to our father’s funeral at his grave sight. The taps were played then. There were only four of us there that day. You were unable … Continue reading

Football’s Twelfth Man On The Field

I had an experience Saturday where I reacted before I could think to respond. My son is a quarterback. I have been watching him play football and other sports all of his life. I swear he was running and throwing a ball in utero. I have never been afraid. This weekend all that changed. He … Continue reading

The New Unnoticed & Unemployables!

A gifted teacher cannot find a job in any school district because of too much education. Continue reading