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peace, Truth

Saying so long good friend

My daughter’s dog is dying. She is mostly gray-not jet any longer like she use to be. She falls up the stairs and down now. She sleeps most of the time. I pick her up. I can’t feel her weight any longer. Her eyes are almost gray with cataracts.  She thinks before she does anything she use to do like growl at the cat. She has huge tumors on her tiny chest. They don’t hurt but can’t be removed because she is too old still. 

She is really not my dog. But I am why she is here. My dog was her mommy. My other dog was her daddy. Her mommy met her daddy when he ran off one week and got lost. The lady who found him did not know that he was a male.  He had so much hair. After we got our doggy back, a few weeks later the lady who found him called and said that her Chihuahua was pregnant. Two months later about, she ask us if we would take the mommy dog and all of the puppies. I said, “Sure! Why not.” They were so cute. Now we have both a mommy and a daddy. A little later Yoda was born. Yoda was the runt of the litter. We sold all of the puppies except for her. We had to keep yoga in fear of breaking our daughters’ heart. So we did. That dog turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  She went everywhere with our daughter even on some trips we did not authorize.  Yoda was so tiny that she could just fit into any pocket, any pouch or anything. She had ears like Yoda on Star Wars which is how she got her name. Yoda saved our daughters life countless amount of times. They slept together;they walked together;they cried together. Yoda is her best friend. 

Yoda only loves three people in this world. My daughter, my husband and me. Talk about a dogs life that has never had a day’s sadness imaginable, she is the one.  Always protective of those three. She provided many bathes. Now we  change our lives to provide for her. There is a pillow at the bottom of the stairs in case she falls down them again. There is puppy paper everywhere for when she has to pee. Special dog food for only her. She sleeps with my husband and I or with our daughter. 

These twenty years have gone lighting fast. Last month, Yoda turned twenty years old. My daughter is only twenty three.  We know her time is coming soon.  We can see it. We love her any way we can now. We have to be patient with her as she has been with us so many times. The vet can’t believe she is still here. We spend lots of time with her reminiscing about the good times. Like the time my daughter and I braided Yoda’s hair with extentions of false hair. She looked like It of the Adams family. Never will forget when our daughter snuck her on the family vacation. We did not notice until she barked at the toll booth. Of course that was hours down the rode. 

This little dog is just a dog. She is so ugly she is cute.  I wonder everyday how we love something so not human- just do. We will miss her terribly. She has helped us get though life making it more bearable.  She has no dignity or modesty. She will lick us no matter that she used her tongue for toilet paper. She never, ever hid how much she loved the three of us. That tiny tail always wagging when we appeared no matter what. What I always wanted to know was how she knew when each one of us was sad. She had a distinct way of just being with you until you felt better. She licked the tears from my daughter eyes when she cried. Yucky!

Yoda is an amazing friend. She will be missed. Dogs are our seeable angels. 



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