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Go Figure!

My husband, my daughter and I were watching the super bowl game this evening with iOS from the iPad on a huge screen. The screen went out somewhere in the third quarter. I mean blank screen! Nothing- no sound. No picture!

We sat there thinking. With our luck, this would be the greatest game in football history. We would miss it because the screen was blank. While waiting, we guessed the best ending possible. The game will go to overtime. That the falcons lose. Brady will be the best of all time QB. Of course, we would miss the rest of the game because of the blank screen. My husband would be the only football coach that embarrassedly missed the best Super Bowl game ever! All we could do was laugh. 

BUT, the game came back on in the forth quarter. We watched. No surprise when the game ended exactly like we predicted. Go figure. Damn!!! 

And we did see it! 😂



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