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But of course…

I have to write something this eve!  The last eve and day of 2016.  I am afraid to say that I am glad this year will soon be over. I never want to wish time to move faster.  Who knows what trials next year will hold.  This year has been exasperating.  Still, no real job which of course means no real money. I must say I have adjusted.  Don’t give a damn attitude works for me. This way I do not stress out so much. There have been some good things.  My son sees his child and ex.  They seem happy.  But of course, I will not comment on that.

My husband got another job on top of the full time job he already has.  For him a good thing.  For me more loneliness.  But of course, I know better than to say my feelings. I’m a good wife.

My daughter had a beautiful baby girl a few days ago with her wife.  Yes, I said wife and everyone knows she is not gay. Like what the hell is up with that?  The female (??) is so unattractive with her nasty personality, that I can’t put two eye balls on her without my gag reflex kicking into full gear.  Why does daughter dearest have to insist that everyone share her love for this rash?  Get one who is actually an assent and not a detriment; then, maybe I will think on it.  Hell, no. Wish she choose to go.

  But of course I would be wrong to express my feelings for it. She crashed my daughter’s car into another car by over compensating on a turn when she was coming back form the store buying more liquor.  She took the car-did not even ask. Was driving drunk.  Dumb dumb- sped home.  Parked the messed up car in front of her own house.  Then, ran and hid in the house.  When the police got to the house (someone got the plate number at the accident scene), she lied. Said was not driving.  The police questioned my kid-who covered for the “thang” because “thang” had no license,was drunk driving and left the scene of an accident. 

But of course, jail time for sure.  What the hell?  Who lies like that for an ass? 

But of course, I am suppose to like her.  My husband got daughter’s car fixed. Miss Thang was suppose to pay him back. If thang paid- you did.  Did I mention she did this twice?

 But of course, I think my daughter is Boo Boo The Fool- for tolerating this shit.  

But of course, I am the one who went to my own child’s delivery of her baby. Was so excited! Was denied entry because I do not like her wife. And why do I have to like her? I do not have to sleep with her! Like how can I change how I feel? I am always polite; yet, she blasts me on fasebook. My daughter allows this behavior!

But of course this entire situation was humiliating and very painful for me.  I am a good mom.  I did nothing to cause me to be treated in this manner.  I cried like I was the one being born.  I was not there when my baby had a baby!  Who does something so awful to their family?

But of course, that was the last straw for me.  The pain and grief dripped off of me like rain falls from the sky.  I hurt like hell.  The pain won’t stop. Who can throw their entire family out except Dad?  She told her Dad, she did not want drama.  Was that not the ultimate in drama?  Well dear.  Hope you got this!  Because I am out!  Got to protect me. You are grown!  

But of course I am sure she is worth it right? I pray you do not let Miss Sha Nay Nay drive you and the baby around.  Can’t stand no more grief.

But of course- a terrible idea.  Hope this gorgeous baby forces you to mature soon.  

But of course I held my only granddaughter.  Took pictures so I can remember.  Wanted to do this just in case my heart locks up on me. How much pain can I tolerate? Don’t know.

Because, but of course- I miss you my first born. Not sure when I will see you again.  My heart broke.  I am afraid I am asking too much.  Can’t order up maturity.😢



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