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Careful What You Wish For

The world we live in has produced many great leaders; however, the same world has also produced Stalin, Hitler and many others who said they would make their country better.  

American has elected a new President. The world is laughing.  America has put into office a person who has never held public office. He has been married three times. Has five children by three different women. His former wives were not American and neither is his present wife. Has never earned an dime without a substantial head start. Admits he does not like immigrants. Admits he does not like Blacks; nor, does he comprehend the history of Black and minority people. Admits women have their place-which is at his disposal. Makes fun of those who are different. Will say anything without thinking,then lie about it.  Does not know how to compromise; or control his outbursts.  Does not understand or sympathise with those less fortunate. Wears a hat! Did not know that America is already great. 

God help us all. Make he be a diamond in the rough for all of sakes. 



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