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Overwhelming Sadness

My friend started a new blog today. Her first post hurt my heart.  She wishes she had brothers and sisters.  Me too! Except I have three.  Here is what I wrote in response to her blog:

I have three siblings two of whom I grew up with. We were very close in those days. Today we can’t stand each other. I may not be an only child but I feel like one. It is an awful, horrible thing to not be accepted by those who God has given you to be loved by. You think that you are a terrible person if your own sisters and brother do not want to acknowledge your existence. The pain cannot be dissolved and swallowed. Why? Various reasons. You are too different. You do not have enough money. Or you would not let them rip off mom and dad as they lay dying.
I feel your pain of loneliness every second of everyday. I cannot do a thing about it. Totally out of my control. You would not believe just how evil those who once love you can be and how terrible they can treat you. It better to not have than to have to endure the pain I do everyday. The hate extends to my children too. Why? What did they do to their aunts and uncle? If it were not for my husband, children and friends, the emptiness would have won long time ago.
Do not fall in love with the romantic dreams of the perfect siblings even my own children fight like their Aunts and uncles they do not know. Sisters and brothers are those that are there when you need them. It is NOT about the pelvis one crawled out of. Hence is why in many black churches those attending call each other Sister Carrie or brother Joe. Just love those that love you. God makes no mistakes!😊



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