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The Loss of Family!

The Fourth of July is a wonderful family day unlike any holiday. It is all about having fun, feast and family. I do not remember a time growing up when the Fourth of July was not a great time in my family. Mom always made it great! She loved holidays. To her it was a great time to have her kids, extended family and friends all around her. Good times!
 Well, mom times have changed especially in the family. Now, family is filled where money and greed has greatly replaced the closeness of live within the family unit. I call it trumpitis. Lies, deceit, miscommunications and misconceptions. Today the family is in decline and in shambles. What a shame and sad. The fall of the family ultimately facilitates a weaker Nation. Then, it takes a tragedy to make it strong again. 
I miss the family my mom spent her life trying to preserve. Gone are the huge family gatherings full of joy and love. I feel my mom’s dissatisfaction and disappointed. Family was everything to her. I continue to do my part by loving my small family unconstitutionally. After all, I am my mother’s child. 😢



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