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Bad Teacher!

As a teachers’ teacher, I know how a good teacher should teach. After all, it is my job to teach teachers how to teach. 

Well…a young Detroit teacher friend of mine I have watched and often give advice, was scolding her students for picking on each other. When all of a sudden a student yelled out over everyone, “Your mama is so dumb, she tried to climb Mountain Dew!”

This college professor, teacher of teachers, having taught hundreds of students almost everywhere- totally surprised myself and busted out in an uncontrolled, loud, tear falling laughter. No grace. No dignity. Nothing but minutes of side bursting laughter. It is said laughter is good for the soul. My soul experienced pure bliss in the delight of laughter. It overtook me.  I had to let it bellow. It was wonderful! Can’t remember the last time I laughed like that. 

My teacher friend was mortified!😱 She too did as I did, as did her students-laugh! She believed she was a terrible teacher. I told her, “teachers are humans too and students at times get to see that.” It is good for students to see that part of their teachers.  Apologize and go on. I won’t say how long I chuckled. Never heard that one!😂



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