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Just Trying To Eek Out A Living

If you are a regular reader of my words, then you know I am a non-retired, unemployed teacher.  Still, I have to eat and pay bills; therefore, I must work somewhere.  As a direct result, I work at any job that I can find that will hire me.  “Hire me” is the key phrase.  The service teachers provide is not a valuable one because (of course) people think-anyone can teach.  Teachers are glorified babysitters until evaluations of student learning rolls around.

The truth is teachers, are the most valuable assets ever invented.  Please name a person that has not benefited from a teacher somehow or someway.  Teachers work hard.  Their work goes virtually unnoticed daily.  It is a shame how teachers are treated.  Their pay is low: the work load is high.  They are scrutinized at work and on their free time.  Teachers break up fights and have the same students back in their classrooms.  They are the shoulders to cry on for their students and constantly write recommendations for them to get into colleges and career programs.  Teachers feel the terrible heartache when a student is hurt and especially when they die.  That pain never, ever goes away.  Of course teachers teach those students or outsiders who are troubled.  They are the first line of defense in a school.  Therefore, teachers are the first to die when crazed people enter the school with the intent to hurt or kill.   Incidents happen everyday in a school. Fights. Arguments. Students getting violently ill. And too often- bullets fly.  Regardless, teachers continue to protect their students with little regard for their own safety and their families’ welfare.   

I am a teacher.  My husband is a teacher.  My children are teachers of sports to the very students we have taught.  My son is a teacher.  Many of his friends are teachers.  My mother was a teacher.  Her mother was a teacher. My sister is a teacher.  We are a family of teachers.  It is a noble profession, but more of a calling.  Teachers teach the world.  Then-why are teachers treated so poorly? Why can’t I find a job?  Society does not value teachers; yet, we have to support ourselves somehow.

 The thing about being an unemployed, non-retired, Master degree, Teacher of the Year, is that I am too educated to get a regular job outside of teaching and not paid enough to make a living as a substitute teacher.  So what future is there for people like me? What direction is education going?  It is alleged there is a teacher shortage; still, there are so many teachers who cannot find jobs teaching.  Who is lying to whom? Students deserve great teachers if they are to be the best in this highly competitive world.  Money rules, while teachers are treated like mules.




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