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What Is In A Name

If my name is Islamic sounding and I have brown skin, does that mean I am going to jail if I made something I am proud of? Ahmed Mohamed made a clock. He is 14 years old.  He got arrested, taken out of the school in handcuffs, questioned without an attorney or his parents. Why? He brought a clock he made to school to show his teacher. 

I am a teacher. This is not protocol. This was done because the entire staff are idiots starting with the teacher. Know you students!  Problem -call the parent and the police before the student is taken away from the school in handcuffs. As a teacher, I know that Ahmed will be teased relentlessly much to his humiliation. Wonder if the bomb squad was called?

The police said Ahmed did not explain what it was. The child told them it was a, “Clock.”  They said he did not explain enough. What else should he had said?  

Poor baby! Scarred for life and so brilliant too. Of course this will cause him harm. But maybe now he will get his college tuition paid. I hope so. Sue them for being “stupid.”



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