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Racism At Its Worst

I am a flaming liberal. I was born in a big city. I went to public school until fourth grade,then my mother put me in a Society of Friends school. I graduated from that high school. Thus, I am a black
urban, female, Quaker who went to private schools all my life. I have a Master’s degree in education.
I now live in a small white, working class town. This town has one high school, one middle school and maybe four elementary schools. They are public schools. The schools have four black teachers; yet the district is fifteen percent black. I have applied a bazillion times and never hear anything back except once. The last time I applied I was rejected just because. All the other times they told me I never applied.

As mentioned, I am a liberal with confessions to make. I wish I were a racist. Then I could tell people exactly what I think of them and not give a damn. I would ask questions like: How the hell does a school district not hire black teachers in today’s world and get away with it? Why can’t they hired diverse teachers? Why is it white teachers and white people get the best of everything? They are just as dumb as the rest of the people. Why do school districts hire young white female teachers to teach urban students when those teachers tend to be scared shitless of black students. Why don’t those very teachers get fired when they are in the hallway crying and the class is raising hell in the classroom alone without the teacher? Why are so many school districts scared of black teachers? Are they afraid that black teachers are going to tell their white students the truth about how things really are? So what if they do. 

I was asked by white students, “How do you comb your hair?” The question caught me off guard. I answered, “Just like you do? My hair braids the same and twists the same as yours. It is just thicker.” “Do you tan?” Burn too just like you- if left too long in the sun!”     

How can white parents permit their children to be raised so racially stupid? I believe all children should be raised with diversity as they will learn how to be tolerant towards others. White children know so much less about people than black children. Black children live in neighborhoods with all kinds of people: Drug addicts, prostitutes, athletes, teachers, doctors, Hispanics, and so much more. There is little a black student has not seen. White kids usually live with other white people of the same economic class. They are afraid of anyone different. “Look mom! What is that? That is a COLORED person sweetie.” Like what decade are they in?

Why are white people so scared of black people? Because they are fearful a black man will infect their white daughters with black babies. Then,one day, there will be no more white people. That is the true fear isn’t it? No more white people? Well, would you rather have your white daughter marry another woman than a black male? Personally, I would rather my daughter be with any male that will treat her right and love her regardless of his color. Currently, my daughter dates a woman- whom I consider a little more than worthless. I would gladly accept a white male over the woman she dates now and love him accordingly

White people are the first people to cry discrimination based on affirmative action or quotes; but, they enjoy white privilege and never call themselves on that. If a white person cannot get into the white school of their choice, apply to a black school. They have to let you in because you are white. You still have to study and pass all the same tests just like those at white schools. But no, white people won’t do that because they are afraid they will be in a classroom where they will be the only white face. They are afraid. How come? That is my life and that of my children everyday of our lives. Just because I am black doesn not mean I do not have fears. I do not enjoy walking into a classroom where I am the only black face. Suppose there is a race riot somewhere or some comes in the classrooms and says a black person shot a white person. I would be all alone. I have the same fears. Except, I have to fear driving in a white neighborhood and being pulled over by white policemen. Shoot to kill first, then ask questions. What type of philosophy is this that murders the innocent and guilty a like? Because of racism, black people do not want to get darker because the sun will make them less white. Can’t we just get along

No! Because white people like it this way. They want to be treated differently. They want to be better superior that the black person next to them in line. I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired of racism. I want all white people to be dropped off in a place like Harlem where they can experience what it is like being a minority with no way out! I hate the white mentality of ascendancy and dominance without intellectual competency. They get everything their way and do not even know care who they step on. I can’t get a teaching job because I live in a white city where blacks cannot work except in fast food places. Had I known what I know now, I would not have moved here. It is my fault because I believed in the American Dream. What a fallacy! But black people are smart. They are moving to places that are black people friendly like Atlanta and other places South. They are moving away from white people. To places where gifted black people are appreciated not because of their skin color, but their brains and what they can produce because of them.  

White people’s fear of black people is doing their children a grave disservice. White children wake up every morning in their man-made bubbles to find other people like them. They go to white malls, and white schools. Their children learn their own history of white people and nothing of Asian History, African History or other non-European histories. Can’t teach what you do not know. White teachers have not been taught other histories. Few white teachers know anything of other Histories. People like me, who learned many histories of diverse peoples very young in urban schools and colleges and university, are not allowed to teach white students such information. Why? It is NOT a part of the curriculum. So white students know nothing. They look stupid if or when such information comes to light. They those very white students complain that they felt stupid and the teacher that taught the lesson and let the info slip is punished and reprimanded. Really! Why keep the student ignorant? Don’t parents think someone will notice. Black people and other minorities talk too. We think it is shameful living in ignorance of other cultures but your own.  

The world is NOT white! It is majority other, but lets hide this from our white children. Then, they can point at black people and hispanic or Native Americans when they see them. How stupid is this? White people teach their children that they are better. They discovered America. Everyone knows Christopher Columbus discovered American-right? How the hell can someone discover some place when people are already living there

I teach in white schools because that is all there are around here. I substitute teach. Because I am so different from my students, they ask me questions. I give them the truth-nicely of course. “Yes I tan! Just like you.” Among other things. I adore my white students, with their pony tails that go back and forth when they talk. I wish they were not so shallow. However, it is not their faults. Schools dictate to teachers what to teach and how to teach right or wrong.  Legislatures decree to schools the curriculum. Congressional leaders know very little about education. Their job is to pass as many bills as possible. They for the most part are Little white, rich men who mostly like do not know any different from themselves. Such people tell everyone else how to raise their children. Of course, their children are grown.   Each went to private schools and remain in their white environment to which they were born. Because of white educational school policies, blacks are leaving.  We are not welcome. We are tracked into special education classes while  being kept out of advance college prep classes. Still, the schools Districts are understanding that they need us. They are losing funding  because their number of students are down.  With the departure of black students, the sports teams are failing and the student body realizes each is suffering because of the lack of diversity.  The districts are not making money on their sports teams. Who wants to see a team lose 49-0.  There is an advantage to being raised in the “hood”.  Black people are taking their children, their money, talents and ideas and going. Tired of having to endure their children being discriminated against for white advantage/ privilege, they leave and do not look back. If my children are going to be hurt, let it be on my terms. 

At one point Malcolm X preached the separation of the races. Perhaps he had a point. Colin Powell stated that racism is something that has gotten better- but not enough. What is the use of fighting racism if I am always going to lose. I have said that I hate white people and meant it. My best friend looked at me strangely and said,”But I am white!”  

I replied, “No sweetie. You are Cindi!”   



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