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Lazy Days of Summer-going, going, gone

In May, I had so many expectations of what my summer would be like.  I was going to have a bigger garden front and back.  I was going to finish my book. I was going to lose a whole lot of weight. I was gonna, I was gonna, I did not do.  My garden was about the same size in the back for vegetables, but it rained so much the things I thought were going to come up did not do well. This year was a-one cumcumber-season.  However, I had lettuce enough to feed everyone in the neighborhood.  I never planted the front flower garden at all.  Too much rain and no time.  

Additionally, my husband choose to clean out the garage.  Lord knows it was terrible.  Our garage looked like an episode of Horders.  At one point we had 21 cats living in the garage.  We have six acres; therefore, the cats were not a problem.  However, they loved to bring their friends home for dinner.  We started with three kittens from  friends ended up with twenty one.  Then after years of watching them come and go, finally we had none.  Hard life living out in the garage.  We learned their cycles of how they raised their young.  When we took one to the vet, we were always paid in mouse money, bird or small rabbit.  They were family.  We delivered them and buried them.  We cried and laughted. The last time the garage was cleaned, the remains of one of our favorite cats was found. We wondered what happened to him. 

 Male cats, once they grow up, usually leave home and never come around again.  This one had a weak start.  We took it to the vet.  The vet asked my daughter if the kitty was male or female?  She looked at him weirdly and replied, “Female of couse !” 

The vet said, “Well, how do you know this?” 

“Because she is so fluffy! Can’t you see?”  She said petting her.  

The vet laughted so hard he cried.  We all did except my daughter.  She did not find any humor it that until years later.  The kitty turned out to be male.  Unlike our other male cats, he stayed close to home.  He had lots of injuries fighting, but always survived with our help.  His name was Balls because he had the biggest set I have ever seen on a cat- even though he was fluffy.  

He was the best cat ever.  Kind and loving, always around.  He would greet everyone when they arrived at our home.  The animal control lady came often.  We had a lot of critters.  Balls loved her.  He would jump up in her truck and wait for a snack purring lightly.  She always had something for him.  He lived a long time for an outside cat.  Then, one day he was beaten up pretty badly.  After a long recuperation, he was the same pleasure, but slower.  He had a badly broken foot which healed wrong.  We tried to catch him to take him to the vet, but he was not having that.  Years went by.  We gave him extra everything for the long winters.  The garage was not heated, but we kept things in there to keep him warm.  We knew one winter his time was coming.  His beautiful coat was patchy and no longer shiny.  He hopped instead of walked and that was  obviously painful and slow.  We held him one evening in the late fall worrying if he would make it through the winter.  Somehow, we knew his time with us was short.  He lasted one last wonderful week.  That week I remember well.  He was just like new,right by our sides.  We listened to him purr sitting next to us on the porch those last days of Indian summer.  He stayed that night close.  We went to bed.  He sat on the porch. I could see him through our bedroom window.  He looked up at me and seemed to smile.  Then he painfully disappeared into the garage for the night.   The next morning he was gone.  His food untouched.  I never saw him again-until the garage was cleaned. Hubby found him.  I could not look.  He was buried with the others we loved.  That was twenty years ago.  We have no more cats anymore.  I miss them.  They were family.  Oh, we had possumms and raccons in the garage after the cats died out.  Really? But no cars in the garage.  We got rid of both sets of animals by playing loud rock music for a week.  Thank goodness we have no neighbors.  

But once again the garage is clean.  What a mess! 21 years of stuff.  My garden in the front did not happen because my hubby piled all that junk on top of where my garden usually belong.  The pile was huge! Naturally, the pile has no plans on going anywhere.  Today, our front yard looks like we are hosting the TV show “Sanford & Son”.  Remember the junk yard?  Hubby ended up having two eye surgerys this summer.  But, I did not complain.  Helping him recover from the surgeries kept me busy.  No time to write or do anything I planned for this summer.  Now, here it is almost fall and summer is dwindling away too fast.  The pile waits. 

But this summer was not a total bust!  I learned to fish.  When I was but a child- I fished. Since hubby was having surgeries and could not do anything- we fished.  It was cool. When we finally caught something, I taught him how to clean them.  I fried them up and …Yummy.  So good.  There is no greater meal than one that is prepared by you freshly.  We fished a lot this summer.  Still, I feel like I did nothing fruitful all summer.  I did read some good books, but did not finish mine. Oh well.  So, what was my biggest accomplishment? I had great family times.  Two children who graducated from college.  Another who got a great job.  A hubby who did not coach for the first time in thirty years.  He spent time with me- just me.  Wow!  How cool is that?  I did not know how to act with my husband home spending time with me.  We spent “a lot of time wasting time!”

Well, maybe the summer was not bad at all.  I learned that I should not plan all the details of my life.  I just have to live life as it comes.  Planning too much, I miss out on the spontaneousness of living.  How come I did not learn this before?  Guess I was too busy not having the time to appreciate smelling the roses.  My they are so beautiful.  



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