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Did It Stink?

I had a six grade class this week. They were learning different types of speech and writing-like sequence, cause & effect and description. I was using an example to explain each concept. I told them my kitty defecated in the bathtub. I asked if they could come up with some causes the kitty did that? One student asked me, “Are you sad?”
I replied, “I was not happy about it at all!”
“Well, did it stink!” He said.
“Of course I said.” Wondering where this was going.
He looked at me with a strange look.
“I don’t understand why you weren’t sadder than sad.” He said. ” If my kitty died stinking in the bathtub- I would be very sad and upset!”

The class looked at me. I could not help myself, I started laughing. Before I could make a comment back to the class, a bright little girl stood up and said, “Noooo! Her cat didn’t die. It pooped in the bathtub!”

I saw a lot of relieved grins and smiles when I told the students that the word defecated meant: the final stages of digestion-poop. New word!



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