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My New year

Today is a day of reflection for me. I look over the year I have just lived and remember those who are not here to share it with me. I do not regret anything that I have done. For contrary to what most people think, I carefully ponder what I’m going to do before I can do it- in most cases. So on this New Year’s day, I think of more things I want to happen not things I regret.

I would like to find a job I love to do that pays me some of what I’m worth. I would like some miracles to happen that make me proud. I would like to keep my home. But most of all, I want my family to be happy with the cards they have chosen or have been given by fate. I want them to do something and be helpful to others.

I have my own private battles. I cope with them everyday by telling myself my issues are problems I need to give to Karma. The people who have harmed me and those I love-are not mine to punish. I must let it go and concentrate on me. My children are grown. They love me, but must learn to live in this world and thrive. I am a fan in their lives.

A new year to me means more challenges to face, more obstacles to overcome and more delightful moments to be shared.



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