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First Thanksgiving Almost Alone

Today is Thanksgiving and my family is spread all over the world😒. One in Mexico. One in China. Several in Georgia. Some in Michigan. A few in Arizona and Ohio. They get on my damn nerves! We do not get along longer than three and a half minutes. That is not an exaggeration! We verbally fight over anything, then get really stupid and not talk for years. Mom kept us all together. She died and we flew apart. At her request, I was suppose to keep us close. However, that fell apart just weeks before she died. There was nothing I could do. I came to realize-these people were no longer the same ones that grew up with me.

My brother, the colonel in the military, starts everything. After all, he is the expert on everything and how everyone is suppose to act and react. He has money some of which he stole from me because he refused to pay back a loan. Have not seen my sisters in almost a decade. Bummer! Nonetheless, I love them.

We have not been together since mom died. Terrible. I wish I could get everyone together without death or tragedy. I would love to shoot the breeze again and talk about when times were better. Realistically, this ain’t gonna happen in our family-ever. This holiday the least of us are together. So I am sad. I miss what we use to have. Still, there is no stress. Some are traveling for good reasons, others out of duty. Regardless, I am thankful this Thanksgiving that we had what we did and that all will be safe doing and during their endeavors. Please, let there be great times by some miracle to come.

You know what I truly miss about family? My children being small. When they were small it was the best of times. Circumstances did not matter because they just loved being with my husband and me. We would have movie nights with great finger foods, chocolate, popcorn and great movies. We would cuddle together and enjoy each other. Good times!!! I could hug my babies as much as I wanted and they loved it.

They are grown now. Much too busy in their lives to be with us. I miss them, but encourage each to strive for the happiness in life. I pray for one more movie night. Alas! I think I will have to wait for grandkids.



2 thoughts on “First Thanksgiving Almost Alone

  1. I wish you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving…is it Birdie? What is your name?

    When my dad passed away, my 2 brothers and sister showed their ugliest and evil side and threw me on the street (almost….stayed with every friend in Calif, because I am disabled on ssi and couldnt afford even renting a room!) I had lived in a huge duplex owned by my folks from 2001 until last year. Mom is alive and has advanced Alzheimer’s disease and is responsible for the good values I possess to this day…..when she asked me to stay I did, but didnt know the once wonderful family could grow claws and talons at the mention of a cash payout from my sister’s husband made power of attorney or Hitler!
    I moved to Las Vegas last June and they cut my ssi check almost $200 doing so and now I need a roommate to afford anything here…..
    I dont miss any of them and dont want to see anything, but I do want the $ I was owed when they wrote me out of my inheritance from when my dad died.
    I was nearly killed by someone on 19th of this month and am happy to be alive.
    I am grateful for my health and the fantastic friends I own who are there for me and realize I am worth caring about.
    I pray you have happiness and joy and feel a hug from someone, even if it is a senior in a convalenscent home you cheer up.
    Someones what you think youre getting in life aint what you get.
    Doesnt make sense but you live with it anyway.
    You arent the only one.

    Paulette L Motzko


    Posted by paulettemotzko | November 27, 2014, 7:46 am
    • I wrote another comment but it flew away I don’t know where it went. Yes it is difficult when a parent dies and siblings turn into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. My siblings are no different and I am embarrassed for their behavior. I have children they have children and my children don’t even know my siblings. What you have gone through sound so much like my situation. Fortunately, I have a wonderful husband and wonderful children. I admire your get up and go attitude. You have not given up and you keep striving for your own personal dreams. The fact that your rider is absolutely wonderful thing! Don’t let anyone especially your siblings change who you are. Thank you for giving me your support. You have mine. Write me again.


      Posted by birdyspeaks5 | November 27, 2014, 10:50 am

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