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When I was three-almost four…

When I woke up mommie said we were in Georgia. I remember (where ever we were), there was nothing but trees. I got out of the car. Mommy took my small hand and held it tight. There were a lot of people here-at least to a three year old. Then it started. I tried to run, but mommy held me with her vise grip. I tried to hid behind her. But nothing helped!

Strangers started picking me up, hugging me and kissing my cheeks. I so wanted to scream! I did not miss the look mom threw my way when I was able to sneak a peek at her. The “don’t you dare” look. So I tolerated everyone squeezing me many times too much. When this was over, the endless questions, and comments started directed toward me, but not for me to answer.
“How old is she now? “
“She is so pretty!”
“She is fair skinned like her daddy.”
“Got a head full of hair.”
“Nice big legs.”

I felt shy. Everyone was looking at me. How I was dressed. I wondered if I smelled like pee. I suddenly had to go again. I knew I could hold it a little bit more. I started to look around. My brothers escaped with the men. I was left with the women folks. I held on to mommy’s hand again as she started to walk. No matter which way I turned, there were trees. I could see no other houses, except one small one. I really looked too. I had to pee , I mean-urinate- again.
“KT, do you have to go to the bathroom?” Mommy asked.
“Please do not hold yourself and cross you legs for mommy. Remember?”

I just nodded my head. I really had to go badly now. I was looking forward to going to a real bathroom, with a real toilet, where everyone was not watching me urinate. I needed to get away from all these two people for a minute. Mommy looked at me funny and came down to my level. I should have known something was up.

“KT, you can see we are in the county. There are no street lights. No stores. No other houses. No other neighbors for miles. Like is different here in Georgia. We are not home. You cannot expect life to be like you are use to.”

I knew this was not good. I felt a tingling at the base of my spine. It was headed up my back to my neck. Not good. Still had to pee. “Well sweetie, be good for mommy. Promise?”

I nodded- not really paying attention. I was trying not to pee my panties. I knew my grandmother would really be mad especially since everyone just met me. I still saw no bathroom. I thought. If I had to urinate, why are we walking away from the house?

“KT, come with mom to the potty.”

Why would mommy say potty and not bathroom? I thought. But I did what I was told and followed mommy. She led me to a tiny, old house with a slanted roof. It smelled funny.

“Here we are sweetie.” I just stared at her.
“Here we are where mommie?” I asked.
“KT, I told you,” she said very softly looking down at me. “This is the potty.”

Mommy tried to open the door carefully. She probably was trying not to scare me. The door squealed terribly loudly, and refused to open enough for us. Fine with me. Another lady appeared, out of nowhere it seemed. She opened the door. When I saw what was inside, pee began sliding down my panties to my socks and shoes. I started crying too. A real life nightmare come alive! That was the day I learn what an outhouse was.

I was terrified. I clung to mommy. Everyone I just met-came to watch the show. Mom closed the door. The only light inside, was the outside light sneaking in. It smelled like all my wet panties I had hidden-were discovered!

Mom tried to get me to sit over a black hole. I peeked into the black hole. I could see no bottom. No, I refused. Mom ended up holding me over the hole. But- I had no pee left. I just wanted to get out of that terrible place. Mom gave up and let me out. I ran to my Great Grandmother Babe and jumped into her arms. I cried and cried until there were no tears left too! I hated this place. Babe just held me. She rocked me back and forth. My mother got in trouble for taking me there. Moms get in trouble?

“Baby. My sweet child. You do not have to go in that little old house until you are ready.” My great grandmother said still holding me tight. I sniffed some more and felt a tad better. Timidly, I asked.

“Is the real bathroom in the garage over there? Where is the house?” I asked. Thinking, in my state of mind- I had missed it.

“Baby, in the south in this part of Georgia, in the country, there are no toilets in the house.” I buried my small head in her ample bosom and softly cried. I did not even care if this would get me a spanking either.

“I am not going in that box again! I won’t!” I whimpered. She patted me and said.
“For you child, there is a pot in the house with a lid.”

I just thought I would die. I wanted to go home. I just could not get use to this. Needless to say, things did not get any better for me. Babe decided I had enough excitement for the day. She rocked me while talking to her sisters and mother. I fell into a blissful sleep as only an about to be four year older could. When I woke up. I was clean and in my pjs. Magic!!!

My brothers were sleeping beside me. Mom put me on another “piss pot” but, I did not cry. I was concentrating too hard to not pee loudly. She told me to be quiet when I urinate as not to wake anyone. I did what I was told half sleep. Then mom tucked me back in the big soft comfy bed and laid next to me. I was happy. Bout time!



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