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Under center no more

Yesterday, began a new chapter in my life as well as a new one in our family. My son, the quarterback, played his last college game. I did not cry- surprise to me! There we were the culmination of almost twenty years of attending to my son and his football needs: The endless practices, the bumps and bruises, the filthy clothes, the constant shopping for cleats, the continued stream of girls, the phone always ringing, the reporters always asking for an interview, going to away games and sitting alone cuz hubby was on the field too, the let downs, and the politics- is over. Of course, there were the storybook endings, the pats on the back, the pictures in the paper, making first team all- American, coming from way behind to throw the winning touchdown in the last two seconds of the game, the wonderful relationships made with fellow players, being a part of the miraculous relationship between my son and his father, but most of all- seeing a child set a goal from almost an infant to achieving that goal as a young man- is a miracle.

Football has been his life-all of his life. He was born in football season to a football coach’s wife. He was just days old when he attended his first football game. He has played at every level of football a young man can play in without going pro. He has played on the some of the top fields in the country. He has been a quarterback when his team won the Mac-championship. He has played on television and off; Played on grass and turf: played healthy and hurt. His talent has impressed me all of his life. I cannot wait to see what his tomorrow’s will bring.

I am blessed.



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