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Football’s Twelfth Man On The Field

I had an experience Saturday where I reacted before I could think to respond. My son is a quarterback. I have been watching him play football and other sports all of his life. I swear he was running and throwing a ball in utero. I have never been afraid. This weekend all that changed. He has been a QB for eighteen years. On Saturday I saw something done to him that scared me to tears.

It was third and goal. Our team had been unable to get the touchdown.they tried the QB sneak. My son ran down our sideline. He was tackled just inches from the goal-out of bounds. The whistle blew. A player from the other team in on the tackle, picked my son up, flipping him over and landed him on his head. My son did not move. Our bench all ran to him. The trainers were there. Every flag was thrown. Still, my baby did not move. Instantly, I burst into tears. The stadium was eerily quiet-not a sound. All I could hear was the beating of my heart. Suddenly, he began to move. I still cried.

Finally, he was up on his feet. Only then did I realize everyone was looking at me. The fear on my face echoed in the faces around me. A player from the other team, tackled the quarterback, on the sideline, after the whistle blew, then flipped that QB on to his head where he remained motionless for far too long. Everyone was livid-especially us. Our son passed for over 400 yards two weeks ago and 350 yards last week. He was a huge threat. It was obvious to us that the defense’s intent was to intentionally hurt the quarterback. There were four flags on the play. The player was never ejected.

I am a football coaches’s wife and a college football quarterback’s mother. In all my years watching football, I have never seen any “shit” like this. He could have been seriously injured. Why was the player not ejected from the game? There is no adequate answer! Except it was speculated the reason the player was not ejected was because his removal would effect the outcome of the next games. The team is 8-0 ranked tenth in the country.

So, I see how a team gets nationally ranked; by underhanded playing. Playing dirty. If a team is that good to be nationally ranked, why do they have to resort to this kind of behavior? This was a flagrant attempt to stop the offense by any means necessary. Why? Were they that scared? What is the purpose of having the new concussion rules-if the referees permit such conduct without retribution? Losing yardage is not a good enough punishment when my son could have broken his neck.

Football is a game! No one wants to suffer the results from that game for the rest of their lives. Officials need to do their jobs better than this. Perhaps they should stop trying to play in the game for the players by being the twelfth man on the field. Do your jobs! PROTECT THE PLAYERS! Protect my son! The players’ lives and futures depend on the officials’ competence. No parent should have to experience what we did. Football is not mixed martial arts. It is one thing to experience a flip in the commission of the play. It is entirely something else on the sideline after the play is blow dead.



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