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Ebola, phobia, Prejudgment

If I Sneeze…

Was going to wear my African Kente cloth coat. It went with my outfit today. Then I remembered that I couldn’t wear it because written on the back in large, bold letters, was the word “Africa “. This meant if I sneezed (or something), I could be thrown into jail for being black, and wearing Kente cloth because someone would swear I had Ebola.

I decided not to wear the coat. Good thing I did not because while driving I got something in my eye. Since I was driving, I couldn’t pull over to get the stuff out of my eye. By the time I finally pulled over, my eye had swelled up, turned bright red and was draining tears. I was in the parking lot where I was going for an interview. No way that was going to happen. Imagine if I had the watering, red eye, the black skin and was wearing the kente cloth coat. I would have been in a world of trouble with everyone.

Now, that’s sad!



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