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My Soul Bleeds From Disappointments

Today, I felt like a weird creature. Because I got the chance again to be a teacher. I am sitting on this bleacher, feeling like I failed the class to be a student teacher.  Time stopped long enough for me to get to my knees and kneel.  I asked God, “This really could not be real?  Being  a teacher no matter how great, was not part of the school system’s deal. Why can’t I just once in my life-enjoy what is ideal?

Won’t someone who appreciates my talents listen to my spiel? With skin color unlike anyone else in the district, there was no appeal. Teacher of the year, I was let go.  Why? Because decisions were made by too many imbeciles.

Too young enough to retire. But too old to be hired.  I wish I could get rid of the desire to teach that burns like fire.  Is everyone who hires teachers great liars?

It takes no great brain to figure out that children are NOT homogeneous. Students need a teacher they trust who do not have to be a genius.  So many students are ingenious.What is happening in schools today-is absolutely hideous!

But, who am I to offer an opinion?  No one listens to public opinion.  I am just a substitute! Should be a minion.  Because, if I were a minion-people certainly would appreciate my opinions.

When I was little, I thought I would be somebody. I have never been snotty. Did everything I could for any and everybody. That did not help me? No!  Guess I should be happy with me and enjoy a hot toddy.

I try to stay positive and upbeat with my life falling apart.  But I no longer believe people in education have any heart.  Seems the only payment readily available and  passed out-are just stinky, old farts.  Please note, this continues to happen to me-even though I am smart.



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