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Poems, sadness


You are too old
So I am told
Like I am going to mold
When I get old
I need to be consoled
My life feels plugged up like a gigantic head cold.
I think I should be treated more like gold.
Instead, I am tossed away on the forgotten dirt road

I sit on the road and think
Cool water running nearby makes me want to drink
But my tears falling from my eyes cause me to blink
Suddenly, out of no where, fast as a lynx
A pretty little girl in bows of pink
Skips by and looks at me and winks
Somehow my soul re-syncs
My mind starts to think, “Rethink Rethink Rethink”
Instead, I wish I had a nice, cold soft drink

Slowly, from the ground to my knees I rise
Standing straight up I regain my pride
For I realize I’ve nothing to hide
I do not need anyone to make me feel bona fided

Worrying about what “they” think could cause my demise
The way I theorize
I should begin looking for allies who sympathize
I need to practice by goodbyes
To those who want to tell me their lies.

Aging has made me wise
It has taught me to see life through others’ eyes
So this is what I surmise
Everyone has value somehow until the day they die
On this, there should not be any compromise



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