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15 Lessons from Coach Wooden’s Ted Talk: The Difference between Winning and Succeeding.

As a teacher and a coach, this man makes a lot of excellent points. But then again coaches are some of our best teachers.



I love Ted Talks, a series of short, powerful talks, all less than 18 minutes long, on a variety of topics that are always informational and often inspirational. If you are feeling sluggish or uninspired one day, take a few minutes to watch or listen to a Ted Talk and it will most certainly rev up your day.

I love John Wooden. The legendary UCLA basketball coach who, while known for his remarkable ten NCAA championships in twelve years (seven of which were consecutive), is also known for his impeccable character, remarkable wisdom and deep commitment to a teacher-coach model that placed the development of the player’s character and intellect ahead of his utility on the basketball team.

So, when a Ted Talk is combined with Coach Wooden? Well the combination is better than peanut butter and chocolate—and that is saying something!

These are my 15 takeaways from…

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